Disney Vacation Planning Magic!

Franniepoppins Disney Vacation MagicWelcome to Franniepoppins Vacation Magic Blog! You will find lots of fun articles here. There will be Disney news and Disney information shared. I will be sharing my personal feelings about Disney, health and spirituality. Life is all about balance. I have found that being balanced physically and spiritually works to keep me feeling happy. Adding Disney vacation destinations into the mix just boosts that happiness factor a little more.

One of my favorite quotes by Saint Padre Pio is, “Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry.” I hope Padre Pio doesn’t mind if I add to that quote and say, “Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry and Plan a Disney Vacation!”

You can visit my website, where Franniepoppins Vacation Magic happens, for vacation planning help. I hope you will visit here again soon. I will be adding lots of fun Disney articles, I promise.

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